Jobhunt E03: Interviews

One day you receive your first call, I cried I was too happy to have received the first call, its usually a HR recruiter, manager of some sort and sometimes it's directly your future boss. Sometimes they call you from places to offer you sales positions and marketing door to door positions (Make as many questions as you can and when you are sure what the job position is, hang up immediately you don't want to go that way).

If they are serious about the position and serious about your time first will be a phone interview, 15 min thing to see if you are the right fit for the position. They will be pretty much neutral and schedule a follow up if they find you are possible the one. A total of three interviews should be more than enough... One with HR, one with the possible boss and director. 

Some will try to get you to go in even before, try if possible to have Skype interviews or phone calls first as I had a 10 min interview in person with an ad agency, I found it to be rude and very disrespectful. Shame on recruiters that thing people's time is not important. 

You should be respectful, show up early, with your printed resume, well presented and remember kids they like when questions are being asked. Shake hands and do your best. 

If your interviewers like you there is the possibility that they will try to demean you so they can get cheaper labor, if you are just starting remember there will be a company that will be willing to pay the amount you want and give you the challenges you need. Show your knowledge in an interview and your abilities to act fast and on your feet, don't show your rookie side.

There will be many, most of them a waste of time but in those 1000 interviews you will do 10 will come up to be good. Thats why you send 1,000,000 resumes to get 1,000 interviews to get 10 good interviews that you will most likely love and if you play things right you will get 4 offers. 

It took me two months to get two good job offers, I had 4.

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