Infinite gratitude

My birthday was this weekend and I've had many of them 27 already, I'm happy.

There are lots of people who feel disappointed about their birthday, they wait for people to do things for them, I have personally been one of them. Then it comes one or two years where I stop waiting for people to make it just like I imagined so I go ahead and make them happen.

Well, if not me... who? and if not now... when?

That's what I like to think. the only thing you need are the people that matter sharing with you and that they care. But you have to make it happen, plan something, voice what you want, put that people there, hope they care, and through all you smile and have fun. Do everything with kindness and repay to those who showed up with the same love that they provided in little ways, with notes, chocolate, dine out, a sweet call. 

As always express infinite gratitude

To all that comes in life and those that have been part of it, I am grateful to all of the people who made it happen, those who have been part of an incredible year, those that were there, and to those that...

  • Make me love myself even more because I love who I am when I am with them
  • With little rains of champagne made me laugh and always has something lovely to say
  • Who stood in the rain hoping with me that the day would be sunny, crazy Miami weather!
  • The people who show me I can be better (I need to practice being quiet)
  • The messages and calls from friends who were not here and couldn't make it

Thank you.