Jobhunt E01 I need to find a new job

It was August 4, 4:45pm when it all really hit me:

I need to find a new job

I was already planning on looking for one, a new challenge, a better paying job, a bigger team, set the sail to new land. I, as done so many time before, set the intentions and life helped me to do it, I had lost my job on August 4th. 

I cried my share and before 6 I already had started to move the pieces to start this new chapter as an unemployed 27 year old with bills to pay and no family to ask support from (My family is in Colombia in which the exchange rate is 3/1 favoring US dollar, NO GOOD!).

First things first I had to set up:

  • A smile in my face, positive energy towards a positive outcome
  • Calls to friends and such... Networking is important!
  • An updated resume & have it proofread by an attorney (Who needs copywriters ;))
  • LinkedIn and any other job board free trial or paid service. I had to be serious about this life or death situation! 
  • A small crying session to relief stress and bad energies
  • A move on plan for the days to come: budget wise, social life wise, interview wise. 

 Now it was time to start applying to as many jobs as possible in the least amount of time! If you saw my KPI's post, in the next posts you will notice I haven't paid any attention to develop it (Shame on me, Jesus!)...

I am in emergency mode!


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