Jobhunt E02 Apply, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

If you havent read Jobhunt E01 please read here

My day starts:

  • Get out of bed, look for work
  • Start making breakfast, look for work in between
  • Get in the shower, look for work

Yeah basically look for work, in anything Marketing related... I am a Marketing Strategist, Coordinator, Analyst, Social Media Specialist, Digital Expert, Account Manager, Project Manager, Slave, Client Babysitter... You name it and I do it.

Be aware there are many scams, sales related, outside of the Florida area, door to door, worst than slavery jobs. Be careful of all the entry level opportunities with training and great salary training, they will brainwash you, run for your lives. 

Apply, Apply, Apply, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

For me fun is looking for a job, no rest, no gym, no snacking, anything is out of the question until the first set of interviews come. A friend of mine once told me "Looking for a job is your job" for me it became my life.

When the interviews came that was another story. 


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