My head needs structure and direction therefore to get things done I need lists and lists and reminders and lists and more lists (I have three different note pads based on urgency/topic on my office desk).

This also applies to my daily life and routine. I read this post from Mia Astral, who is an amazing astrologist/feminist/selflove guru/and much more. She recommends setting up weekly goals on Sundays. I created a reminder for myself so that on this day I think about what needs to be done and said for the week.

Here are some tips!

  • Set your weekly goals by thinking what do you want to achieve this week but make them small instead of huge (small steps to a bigger purpose).
    IE: You want to learn Japanese but that is not a weekly attainable goal so you can make it smaller. Dedicate one listening session of Japanese a day during the weekday.
  • Give your goals a place on your routine.
    IE: Let’s say you drive to work for 20 min so you can dedicate those 20 min freshly starting your day to that Japanese listening session
  • Make sure to give yourself a few days to set up one goal into your life. Setting more than one at the same time can be frustrating and you can burn down fast.
  • Always remember to have one goal a day to meditate/feel gratitude/thank someone/do a random act of kindness/give yourself some selflove. It will make you feel appreciative and positive of what you have.

I’ve come to a point where I have set a good amount of goals (to some point I get on an off to take a break, I am certainly not a machine and i don't adhere to them perfectly. This is trial and error. 😊) 

Remember to start small so you don't go crazy.

Here are my current goals in bigger form and broken down into smaller weekly goals:

Take care of myself more:

  • Go to the gym: Early in the mornings or late at night (5-6 times a week)
  • Eat Right: I set up a food delivery service with healthy options (all week days)
  • Sleep well: I give myself 8 hours to sleep im in bed by 10pm (all week)
  • Meditate/practice infinite love and gratitude: In the mornings (1 time a week)


  • Read a book to motivate myself: before going to sleep (2-3 times a week)
  • Write a blog post: any time (once a week)
  • Learn Japanese: driving to work (every weekday morning)

Have some fun

  • Go to volley at least once a week (Wed/Sat)
  • Go out to with friends (weekends)
  • Head to the beach/Take a stroll (weekends)


  • Read an article: in the office (once a week)
  • Practice patience/Be kind even when I’m very busy (as much as I can)
  • Be more proactive (as much as I can)
  • Practice emotional intelligence (when the challenge comes up)

This is how I hope to become a better person every day. I hope these tips come in handy, let me know about your goals and any advise you may have for my own.