Two voices of the same person

Two voices of the same person wrote this piece. The first side is usually the very pessimistic, hard and raw and sees the world with bitter and judgmental eyes. The second one in contrast is hopeful and nice, sees the same idea in a positive and understanding way. They see the same thing just a different interpretation.

Here is what the person saw:

I was watching Ozark while on a plane and at the end of the episode there is a moment where the main character is hit by what is happening to him. How his life had changed from being a good parent, a hardworking man, and a great husband all while he was laundering money for a drug cartel. All while his wife had an affair. All while his friend was putting his life at risk. And then it hit him that he didn’t mean to do wrong, he wanted to do his best with what life put in front of him and he still wanted to feel alive.

The first set of eyes:

This moment brings me to my conclusion of why we watch tv series like this. To forget. To feel free. To think that our life is more exciting. People call it entertainment I call it lying to yourself.

Going out and doing something to free yourself out from the day to day. Putting yourself in the risk of creating a better life is far scarier than sitting down and watching the life of the drug lord, the life of the cheating wife, the life of the adventurer. Then you can feel better with your routine.

Second pair of eyes:

While watching this character, the moment when he realizes that he made the wrong choices, made me realize that we can reflect and meditate, feel grateful for the life that we have. Making me figure that there are many ways to passively meditate.

And then it hit me, all this series serve as a pause, as a standstill, a way to meditate about your life. A way to understand that you have made the right choices in life and that your life is potentially the best path you took. Sometimes learning into new ways for to improve your life and sometimes as a self-examining of various situations. Mostly on how not to’s.

This is the same person just different disposition based on their life experiences and how the same person battles and makes an effort to improve, redirect their thoughts to see the same thing with better light. reconsider the negative and think positively of the world.

Are the voices in your head the same as this? Then we might have a lot in common. And a great deal of growth to do.