The women I am grateful for (EP:01 Amalia Edition)

This is a series of posts that I would love for all women looking for her tribe or herself out there to read (or what not to read if you are not interested in finding your tribe, this was a great and short reading for you!). 

For those who are interested, now that the ones who are not left or not, my hope is that you can take something to encourage someone else or yourself to seek a strong loving and constructive relationship with themselves and the women around them/you/me/she or it.

First, an intro saying that I am grateful to have put my trust that the women in my life could become a huge influence in me. That we can push through this beautiful life with positive eyes, words and actions. With this series I want to thank the women who in the last few months have been an influence (directly or indirectly as I might not know them all intimately).

Amalia’s self portrait from @amaliaandrade_

Amalia’s self portrait from @amaliaandrade_

This first post is about a woman I met a while back. Her name is Amalia Andrade.

When I met her back in school (where we were merely teenagers) she made me feel that she had an amazing light, her personality shined, her smile and intentions game me genuine feel. I followed her on social media and learned later on that she had become an amazing writer.

I snatched all her books when I had the chance. One of them stood out to me and it was the “Tarot magicomístico de estrellas pop” this “book” as it is really a Tarot for the new generation of Gen Z and Millennials, was a light shinning bright into this trusting of the universe process, she also has two amazing books which you can see here.

I sat down with some friends to read the tarot (let me tell you the easiest and most funny tarot I’ve ever used. Its really dummy proof as I had clearly never used a tarot in my life) and “LLLiisten”, as my friend david likes to say, we had a girls night and read our cards, with a lot of though, discussion and laughters. What I received from this book was to trust the process to make my intentions true, to shine bright and do everything like I would do, that I was at the right place at the right time. These cards definitely game me a good laugh you need to see the cards “Bold Britney” or “David Bowie”. 

Every now and then I gather around with friends for tarot catching up the plan includes face masks, wine and all our questions about life on the table… letting the cards give us positive guidance.  

Thank you Amalia, for reassuring me that being true to myself will help me shine bright, that sharing quality time with friends will bring in positive light to our worries and that the tarot cards are finally written in millennial and not in an indecipherable ancient language.

Go follow Amalia, she shares her raw self with all of us, funny and from the bottom of her beautiful soul. She expreses her joys and her anxieties. She speaks funnily and frankly (although her posts are mostly in Spanish) I hope you get take some type of learning from her as I have received.

Here are her other two books which I loved, laughed and cried (laughing tears of realization) to.



Thank you for reading and remember to spread positive JUJU!