Every Sunday we wake up to usually the same routine, we do our favorite things, I personally feel like I do, yet after a couple of weeks I feel tired and uncreative, life becomes dull and I start to hate Sunday’s, I start dreading the Monday to come. 

Last Sunday I woke up to a very different day, for once I was not in someone else’s house, I was in my own. I wanted to work on my blog and do something different. Stay home, behave and maybe go out for a run. Things turned out creative. 

Had a simple yet very beautiful breakfast, with a great friend who’s table setting kicks ass… I was supposed to take the champagne yet instead I took wine, silly me! (learn from your mistakes read the labels, ALWAYS!).


After I thought of heading to a café, well I wanted to think of content, content, content, I’m supposed to blog! but we ended going together and with my head all filled with bubbles, well… wine but bubbles sounded better, again read the labels! We sat down and finished procrastinating and doing whatever. (Costa Rica trip planning, I will get back to it on another post). Midday dreaming of the fantastic non planned day I was having, sitting there in Dr. Smood in Wynwood Learned about the benefits of the hilarious hand hug the café server soo creatively gave me to cheer me up for the lack of cute men to make me company in a chill Sunday in Miami. 

Later this joyful, happy and nonchalant server sat on our table, asks what I want as I am to be invited to a drink of anything I want by a cute guy name Jeancarlo to cheer my day, god bring more servers like that, oh please do! Godmothers now come in server version. Modern times.

To my surprise Jeancarlo was not a mouse nor a pumpkin but a cute guy in real life that I had to leave there in the café, I am not looking for a café hook up, I'll admit I may have seen better days, but I'm still not to be had for the price of a coffee, like a sugary cookie. (I stole this one from all about eve, if you haven’t watched it please do!). Here is his phone ( he only speaks italian!).

Strolling through the colorful wall of Wynnwood we enjoyed the weather, took a bunch of pictures, remembering Gianluca as a far distance memory we headed home to spend our evenings resting in place. Translation: I wrote nothing and was still a little disappointed in my lack of determination, a work in process and getting better day by day. 

So Today while flying to Costa RIca to meet prince charming I remember the daze of the day I procrastinated as if it was any other day.