Dreaming with Discipline

Waking up every morning to remember my dream is easy. Writing them before you forget them again is not. 

While writing dreaming journals we look to become more conscious of our sleeping state, while we are there we want to be able to control or let's say manipulate the outcome of those dreams. That's what I look for, the freedom to roam in ways I can't in RL. So I started reading books on the matter how to let yourself go while remaining in a state of awareness. I have read enough and it's time to practice. 

TIPS to become aware and controlling your dreams:

  1. Tell yourself you are going to dream before going to bed
  2. Count your fingers across the day, when you are on the dream you will do it too and you will notice your count is wrong 
  3. Wake up and write your dreams, try to remember as much detail as you can
  4. Meditate at least 5 mins a day
  5. Ask yourself while awake if you are dreaming

Be disciplined and studies have shown that you can improve your learning skills by learning in dreaming states, improve in sports and work your concentration abilities if you achieve to control your dreams.