Travel snacking tips

Today I’m traveling and I have a hard time sometimes taking snacks with me, I am very creative with my choices (Like taking a Ziploc containing sashimi salmon garnished with lemon in between mini icepacks) but not everyone is as out of the norm like me. Here are some more normal choices that might save your day!

Before your trip!

Plan a trip to the grocery store or assault the fridge at home. Look for healthy snacks to take with you and some that are not that good.


  • Hummus with any vegetable
  • Protein bar (choose wisely) or Powdered protein (for the fit girl in you)
  • Fruit (take something simple like bananas, pears, apples etc.)
  • Nuts, buy travel size so you can take care of portions
  • Pack your own sandwich made out with your fav healthy meats (tuna is my fav)
  • Almond butter with an apple or rice cakes
  • Edamame in a Ziploc
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Pack your own mini salad

Not that bad

  • Chips (a small package won’t kill you)
  • Dark chocolate or small chocolate of your preference
  • Popcorn
  • Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

Already at the airport and forgot your snacks?

What to get

  • Get some water, we need a lot of hydration while on the air
  • Get a multigrain sandwich hopefully with tuna or some non-processed meat no
  • Mini snack sets and hardboiled/tortilla eggs to go by Starbucks
  • Plain coffee (no syrups)
  • Look for that salad with sauce on the side

What to avoid

  • Fast food, tempting but stay away!
  • Sugary drinks, juices, soda or coffee (Gatorade and any Frappuccino is also in this list)
  • Baked goods (anything that is not multigrain should be a no go)
  • Oatmeal with sugar added or non-fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit, it lacks all the fiber and its sugar content is high
  • Gummies, chocolate or snacks

Made it to the plane snack-less?

  • Try to avoid plane dinners they are carb/lactose/sugar loaded, you can grab some tea or coffee and wait until you land, although I understand how hard is to resist the cravings 
    • Choose between the healthiest dinner option
    • Focus on eating the protein and only eating one carb, it usually is pasta with bread so choose only one and leave the dessert for another day

Tell me what do you like to take with you!



Fitness update #1

I keep telling myself I'm "hot", that I am fit... that I am personally a great fitness and great looking addict... ehhh NO! Well I am but I have to stick to something (something in my head whispers "DIet", but shuuush I scare that voice away), who am I kidding... 

It's habits YES YES YES HABITS! 

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" Jim Rohn

Set up a routine, make yourself a responsible person, eat well, exercise well (don't over workout or you'll regret it)... I've been there. 

I have done everything in my life to be fit and then my boyfriend snaps a picture of us paddleboarding and I panic, I am not fit, I need for certain to work on my eating habits... HABITS! 


Sooo I have been diligently working out... Working out at the gym, swimming, jogging and going to Wynwheels for spinning... My legs feel firmer and also I've been complimented about my better looking legs (I still need work). I love Wynwheels (but hate to pay for my workouts) but the energy and intention they bring to the table, to make you a better person, have fun in class and also know your limits responsibly, makes me come back. So I am sticking to them a couple of days a week... HABITS!

Also I believe I am starting a more healthy lifestyle and signing myself up to Kayla Itsines program BBG (fitness and diet). Hoping that as most of the women on their before/after I will be able to...


So total I will:

  • Run (every now and then, my knees and back don't like it too much)
  • Swim (also every now and then so I don't get bored)
  • Kayla Itsines fitness program (almost daily)
  • Kayla Itsines eating habits program (daily)
  • Spinning (1-2 days a week)
  • I will keep my alcohol to the minimum (alcohol bloats you and slows your metabolism)